Group Profile

Established on December 8th of 2004, Beijing Energy Investment Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ¡°BEIH¡±) is a large state-owned investment enterprise with a registered capital of RMB 8.8 billion Yuan, incorporated by the former Beijing International Power Development & Investment Company and Beijing Comprehensive Investment Company. As of December 31st of 2008, total assets of BEIH stood at RMB 69.358 billion Yuan, out of which the owner¡¯s equity was at 24.87 billion RMB Yuan.

BEIH is wholly owned by the Municipal Government of Beijing, and established in accordance with provisions of the Company Law of the People¡¯s Republic of China. As the investing and financing entity for electric power constructions in Beijing, BEIH manages investment funds of electric power and energy conservation for the Beijing Municipal Government, and takes responsibility for investment on and construction of power and energy projects, as well as development of energy-saving technologies, new energy and renewable energy products. In addition to electric power, BEIH also makes investments in real estate and infrastructure, hi-techs, finance and securities.

At present, BEIH has 21 projects in operations, and has shares in four power generation corporations, and its operating equity capacity of electricity totals 12534.3 MW, basically equivalent to annual average power load across Beijing, and heating loads of its operating thermal power plants account for 40% of total heated floor space by heating pipelines in Beijing. BEIH invests two listed companies in the electric power sector, Beijing Jingneng Thermal Power Co., Ltd. (600578.SH) and Datang International Power Generation Co., Ltd (0991.HK and 601991.SH).

BEIH is proactive in developing new energies and renewable energies. By the end of 2008, BEIH has acquired 16 new projects for wind-powered electrical generation, with their aggregate installed capacity at 897 MW. Amongst its new energy projects, the CCHP-based Power Plant at Taiyanggong Township, the Low Wind Speed Turbine Generator Sets at Guanting Reservoir and the Project based on Sewage Source Heat Pump System by Beijing Tianyin Geothermal Energy Development Co., Ltd. have provided direct services to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and have drawn wide applauses. Besides, BEIH has also made great progress in hydropower, bio-based power and other areas of clean energy.

In the fields of non-electric energy, BEIH is the controlling shareholder of BEIH Property Co., Ltd. (600791.SH), whose annual development scale is at one million square meters in terms of floor space; BEIH is also the controlling shareholder of a finance company and a venture capital company; in addition, BEIH is the third largest shareholder of Bank of Beijing Co., Ltd (601169.SH), and a shareholder of Guangdong Development Bank Co., Ltd..
BEIH adheres to the paramount role of the scientific concept of development, and proactively advocates its core values of ¡°people foremost and striving for excellence¡±; based upon its mandate of ¡°fostering an coordinated integration of energy development, economic performance and environmental protection, and providing sufficient power for sustainable socioeconomic development¡±, guided by its strategic plans, and taking ¡°readjusting business structure, stabilizing development pace, controlling cost and improving returns¡± as its central jobs, BEIH is making advancements while keeping stable growth, seeking a faster development while maintaining ideal performance, revitalizing spirit and working in a down-to-earth manner, sparing no effort to realize its new development in the new era and under new situation, and laying a solid foundation for building itself into a giant company with a total asset of RMB 100 billion Yuan; BEIH is willing to cooperate with all social circles in good faith and go forward hand in hand, so as to make its contribution to progress of our society!